5 Two-Minute Mindfulness Exercises to Practice Anywhere

5 Two-Minute Mindfulness Exercises to Practice Anywhere
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Feeling stressed?

Here are five two-minute mindfulness exercises that will help you relax and slow down. And... you can practice them anywhere.

1. Body scan

This is an exercise to become aware of your body.

Begin with putting your awareness to your feet.

Feel your right foot.

Feel your left foot.

Feel both of your feet.

Try to feel all of your toes simultaneously.

Continue in this manner with the rest of your body.

Feel your legs, back, stomach, chest, shoulders, arms, hands, and face.

Be mindful of your whole body.

2. Mindful breathing

Put your awareness to your breathing without controlling it.

Be aware of how your breath feels when you breathe in.

Be aware of how your breath feels when you breathe out.

This is your breathing. To breathe is beautiful.

If you want to go deeper, you can try mindfulness meditation.

3. Check on your feelings

Tune into yourself and become aware of your feelings.

You don't need to judge your feelings.

When we think a feeling is "good" or "bad" we are judging it. Feelings are just feelings. They don't have human-made attributes.

Bring your focus to your feelings one at a time. Let go of the feeling.

4. Tune in to your environment

Be aware of all the sounds around you.

If you listen carefully, you can hear different layers of sound. Some sounds are coming from far away, others more closely. Some sounds are coming from your own body.

Try to hear all layers of sound simultaneously.

5. Eat an apple

To be mindful when eating an apple, use all your senses to enjoy the experience.

Feel the weight of the apple in your hand.

Be aware of its color.

Be aware of its taste.

When we stay in the present moment, we are fully alive.

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